Surname Stories

My desire is to compile the perspectives as a spectrum in the form of a video(if could I call it a documentary), which will be a one stop place for a young thoughtful individual to understand – the why and why not of changing surname as a means of protest against the caste system. This video should be available at the top of internet when somebody inquisitive decides to explore.

But till then, the following are the links to some articles which attempt to cover a particular aspect of the issue/idea. I wish this compilation, is a competent buffer till the documentary turns a reality.

Some online petitions surrounding the idea of surname –
Yelena Produnova, the russian gymnast who successfully did the first vault and it was sur-named after her.
Hrithik Roshan’s surname Roshan?? It is actually his grandfather’s name. He was a music Director in Bollywood.
What is Smoot? -

Disney employee’s are not called by their last names. Tradition is carried on from Walt Disney’s time.

“You should keep the surname and fight against it” – But is not that hypocrisy??
No problem with history and the community you come from, but remedy against it is necessary and is a duty for an individual with positive self-esteem.




Beyond Profession…

Fellowships, Workshops & Camps!! – There is a lot of good work happening in India in various parts. Organizations with their limited resources and outreach endure to take a leap by organising social orientation activities for the youth. This form of intervention is not only essential for the world’s largest youth population, but also crucial to the people- senior activists, changemakers, social entrepreneurs who have given their lives to the causes they believe in, for they get a chance to engage with the next generation leaders in an intimate and organized settting. Here is a comprehensive but not an exhaustive list of the various social orientation activities customized for the youth in various geographies of the country.(a few abroad)

NOTE:- Not by the strict definition of fellowships, but an activity/group which is intended to orient youth towards action.
  • Kar Ke Dekho Fellowship by Nirman/SEARCH
  • Jagriti Yatra
  • Khoji Workshops by Swaraj University
  • Bootcamps by Vision India Foundation
  • Azim Premji Fellowship
  • Gandhi Fellowship
  • Young India Fellowship
  • Gramya Manthan
  • Maharashtra CM’s Fellowship
  • SBI Youth for India Fellowship
  • Teach for India
  • ShodhYatra by Anil Gupta & SRISTI
  • Sampark Foundation Fellowship
  • Ashoka Changemaker Fellowship
  • GAP Changemakers
  • Yuva Prerna Yatra in Himalayas
  • Narmada Prerana Yatra in Gujarat
  • Dyantra in Maharashtra
  • Millenials Train Project
  • Ticket for Change(French)
  • Road Trip Nation
  • CMRDF Fellows 2016
  • Swaniti Engagement
  • Nayi Dishayein- a winter school for rethinking by at Kandbari, Palampur
  • Openspace Fellowships
  • Global Health Corps
  • LAMP Fellowship
  • American India fellowship
Something not conventionally social but with a similar spirit
Useful Links
 I will add the respective hyperlinks gradually. Till then, the terms can be simply searched by pasting in the search bar.
The above post is in under development. Kindly comment with ones you are aware of.